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Roundleaf bittersweet

Celastrus orbiculatus

What is it?

Roundleaf Bittersweet (formerly known as Oriental Bittersweet) is a common vine with attractive orange and red fall berries. The plant is sometimes used in fall wreath displays. Bittersweet can pull down whole trees when it climbs unchecked. It will wipe out any other plant life in the area.

When to remove?

The best season for this treatment is late fall after leaf drop. The root will sprout again if cut before late summer/early fall. If cut in the fall, they won’t sprout again until the following season. Continue to cut back new growth until the plant gives up. Plan on cutting it back every fall for two to three years.

How to remove?

Young vines can be uprooted by hand. Try to pull out as much of the root as possible. If the vine has climbed a tree, cut the vine at the base, and again as high up as possible, but don’t try to pull it down. You may hurt the tree in the process.

How to dispose?

You can compost this plant or put it in with your yard waste collection, but make sure it’s dead first. Leave the cut plant in the sun for a few days to dry out. Putting it in a black plastic bag in the sun will speed up the process by trapping heat inside. If you have large quantities, contact our office to coordinate pick-up.

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