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We are a group of Arlington residents who care about increasing biodiversity in Arlington. We volunteer our time and energy in Arlington open spaces and in our own yards to remove invasive plants.


Removing Invasives to Make Way for Natives

We are a group of Arlington residents and allies dedicated to manually removing invasive plants that choke out natives and disrupt native plant-animal dependencies. 

We aim to rid Arlington of invasive plants by starting in our own backyards. No effort is too small. In a community like Arlington, every resident plays a crucial role in invasives removal when they weed their own yards because so much of Arlington is residential. Yet pulling weeds can be a lonely and under-appreciated endeavor. We strive to help homeowners feel less alone in their struggles with invasive weeds. 

The Invasives ArMI highlights and celebrates individual efforts while also coordinating volunteer work in Arlington’s public parks, conservation land, and other open spaces. We organize monthly and in some sites, weekly “weed outs,” rotating through public lands, and revisiting past removal areas to ensure more permanent control.

Since we are not attached to any one property in Arlington, we have the flexibility to remove invasives where it’s needed most.

We work closely with Arlington’s environmental planner and recreation director to ensure that removal efforts enhance Town goals for open space and comply with commission requirements. We primarily employ manual removal methods.

 All are welcome in the Arlington MA Invasives ArMI, whether you work mainly in your own yard, with a Friends group or garden organization on public land, choose to protect open space in your neighborhood, or join our informative, roving weed outs. Together we can make a difference.

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